Computerised Machine Engraving / Profile Milling

  • We offer our customers a fast and efficient, quality assured, CNC Engraving / Profile milling Service.
  •  We manufacture in a variety of sandwich laminates, plastics, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, bronze and wood.
  • Our CNC machines are heavy-duty, yet are extremely accurate when engraving or machining parts with fine detail. They also operate to tight tolerances, as requested on the engineering drawings supplied by many of our customers.
  • Our CNC service is for all industrial and corporate purposes, using the latest technology in computer controlled engraving equipment. Our production team use the latest engraving software.

Master Engravers

There is more to a company than its equipment. No matter how high-tech the machines, they don’t operate themselves. Our highly skilled operators, including master engravers, make the most of the excellent equipment at their disposal.

Company Logo’s / Corporate Images

Logo’s, corporate images and graphics can be converted into engraving programs using our design software. Just supply us with a copy of your image by email. Vectored images are our preferred option, as they are almost machine ready. However we can vector various files, even PDF’s, so please allow us to view them. Where an electronic image is not available, we can scan hard copy artwork for the basis of our engraving program. Proofs can be supplied for approval, prior to manufacture.

Quality Assured

We are fully certified to ISO9001:2008.