Master engravers provide an extensive knowledge of flat, cylindrical and internal engraving and marking.

This traditional method of marking is most often used in high quantities or items that have a surface finish, such as painted or anodised.

Our Service

We specialise in offering a single source multi discipline, consistent quality complete project turnaround service – typically plastic or steel fabrication and/or machining, pre–coating, precision engraving, final coating – painting,

As a little taster of just a few of the things we do, we can engrave Steel, engrave aluminium, engrave titanium, engrave Copper, engrave brass in fact we can provide engraving services for most metals you chose to mention. We can also mark and engrave most plastics from bespoke engraved  acrylic panels to backlit day/night engraved key switches. We carry out work for the Protective Casing, Marine, Aerospace, Exhibitions Stands & Medical industries to name a few.

A typical example of this single source -

  • Customer free issues a control box
  • We machine apertures for switches connectors to customer tight tolerance drawings
  • We arrange pre-paint alocrom coating and heat sealing
  • We apply high spec paint finish to external surface
  • We Precision engraving and colour fill to external surface

Customer free issue components We manufacture, paint, precision engrave and fill many items such as:

  • Engraved control panels
  • Engraved control panel doors (including Rittal cabinets up to 600x600x300mm)
  • Engraved proprietary control boxes including any machining
  • Engraved switch plates (single to multi gang, sockets in plastic or steel),
  • Engraved buttons
  • Engraved Keycaps
  • Engraved fuse boxes,
  • Customer supplied engraved cast, fabricated and machined components in all engineering materials
  • and coatings – anodised, zinc plated etc.
  • Engraved pens
  • Engraved sockets – curved surface
  • Engraved Tools

Fabricated/machined components *

We source fully traceable material (where specified) and offer a full fabrication and machining service for the following:

  • Engraved Fascia plates
  • Engraved Back plates
  • Engraved Mounting plates
  • Engraved Cover plates
  • Engraved Base plates
  • Engraved Connector plates
  • Engraved Clamp plates and retainers etc.

*This list is Not exhaustive!


  • Plastic
  • Aluminium
  • Steel & Stainless
  • SRBR & FR4
  • Wood
  • Brass
  • Leather
  • We will try to mark or engrave anything